Dear Customers.

We would like to introduce our range of products, which are produced directly in our factory.

All products are of high quality. Some larger items (such as poles, balls, gates, fences, etc.) are glued from few parts that reduces the likelihood of the element’s cracking.

For a surcharge, there is also the possibility of a special rubber paint coating in three colors (brown, white, blue) and impregnation in green.

All products contained in this catalog can be ordered in custom sizes.

On the following pages are shown selected images of the basic data (length, width, height).

Normally we do:

  • built-on balconies,
  • casing boards,
  • floorboards,
  • different types of lamellas,
  • moldings of all kinds,
  • scantling,
  • Tables,
  • children’s bunk beds,
  • doors,
  • patches for the fences,
  • turned parts …

We also produce custom carved elements such as:

  • doors,
  • sculptures,
  • reliefs,
  • figures…

We are also able to realize any unusual request.

The whole technological process connected with the production is entirely carried out by our company (we have a sawmill, woodworking machinery, drying and paint shops).

Make your shopping desires.